I forwarded an email from a third-party linguist who also says that it's distinct enough. I agree with approving.

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Any comments?

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 Lang Com: is requested to contact linguists for the verification of Saraiki language.

1. Saraiki has ISO 639-3 valid code skr.
2 Saraiki is language in the census of Pakistan.
3. Saraiki is a school, college, and University subject.
4. Saraiki is taught from primary to Ph.D level.
5. Saraiki has TV channels.
6. Govt: of Pakistan has made website in Saraiki also.
7. Saraiki is recognized language by Govt: of Pakistan.
8. Awards are awarded by Govt: of Pakistan in Saraiki languages books in addition to Punjabi language.
9. Saraiki news and programs are presented on Public and Private Radio in Saraiki also.
10. Saraiki language Dictionaries are also available since 1881 A.D. An online is this https://www.ijunoon.com/saraiki/dictionary.aspx?word=when
11. Saraiki has its own Grammar, Idioms, Proverbs, alphabets, and Tenses.
12. Saraiki translations of Bible and Quran are also available.
13. All above things are available for Pakistani Western Punjabi as well as Saraiki also.
14. Saraiki is also language of WordPress. see https://skr.wordpress.org/

Most work has been done in Saraiki Wikipedia and Saraiki Wiktionary. Kindly approve these so that these may be created. Thanking you anticipation
Parvez Qadir  


پرویز قادر
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