Seconding what MF-W said,
I checked and the author wrote an article on Persian grammar only. No work on Iranian languages specially Lori.

TBH, the part that bothers me is that, I'm genuinely asking people if they understand the wiki and they all are "no, we don't" (from all sorts of background), if people whom I ask tell me they understand it, I'd be like "okay" but these emails here seems to be done by bringing someone to "approve the content" and has a push in it.


On Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 7:11 PM MF-Warburg <> wrote:
Just noting that while the guy who allegedly wrote yesterday at least can be found on the Internet as having published sth. about Persian grammar, this person's linguistic credibility cannot be confirmed by an English-speaking Google search. Besides, all of this comes from Gmail addresses.

Am Do., 17. Dez. 2020 um 19:08 Uhr schrieb Rasool Moradi <>:
December, 17, 2020
Baharestan, St., Noorabad, Lorasan, Iran.

To whom it may concern,
This is to confirm the content of Wikipedia for Lori . I recently heard that Wikipedia for Lori has been prepared. I got interested and decided to study and analyze its content.
I have a Ph.D in Linguistics and graduated in 2014. I have studied different languages  in many fields ranging from Syntax to Phonetics and Morphology. Besides, I have lived in Lorestan since I was born.Therefore, I completely confirm the content of wikipedia for Lori , and announce that its content is not only comprehensible for me, but also for natives of Lori who were asked to read and give their opinion about it.    

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Rasool Moradi

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