I was quite busy IRL during May. There were a number of things open at the end of April that I need the Committee to circle back to.

The first item is the revision to the Language Proposal Policy, which can be found here.  As you may recall, the most controversial piece of my original proposal had to do with non-Wikisource projects in ancient and historical languages. But that piece was removed before I took the proposal to the community at Meta. The result was a revision proposal that was mostly technical, in that it codified certain existing practices already being used by LangCom but not explicit in the Policy.  

The discussion can be found here.  There were two serious "oppose" !votes, but both focused on items that were not included in the proposed changes at all:  (i) changing the requirement for an ISO 6393 code, and (ii) ancient/historical language projects.  Otherwise, the community was basically fine with the proposed changes.  There were some suggestions for changing the wording a bit, and I incorporated most of those.  Since the wording changed a bit, I'd like the Committee to have a look and make sure it is OK with the revision proposal as now worded.  If there are no objections in seven days, I will go ahead and implement.


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