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Dear colleagues,

In 2017-2019, together with the community of Wikimedia volunteers, a team at the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Deutschland updates Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia's media repository, to work with structured data. This will make it easier to add, update and find important information about individual files and entire collections.

In order to learn more about the needs of users of Wikimedia Commons, we perform quite a bit of design research. This helps us understand what to improve, and why it matters.

In the past months, we have surveyed and interviewed cultural institutions (GLAMs), asking them about their processes, wishes and pain points when they contribute media to Wikimedia Commons. This survey has also been widely distributed via Europeana channels, and we know that many Europeana partners have provided input. Thank you!

The research is now concluded and summarized in this blog post:

The full report can be found at

Slides to follow alongside the video:

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions or comments.
With kind regards,
Sandra Fauconnier

Sandra Fauconnier
Community Liaison for Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Foundation

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