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Am 14.08.2008 um 15:43 schrieb Liam Wyatt:

Just like to take the opportunity to point out that you're doing a bang-up job with this PGIP at the moment Brianna.
The project had a slow start, but it's now building very nicely and, if nothing else, we've already received some nice new images. 
Congratulations on getting this show on the road and keep up the good work!
-Liam Wyatt
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On 14/08/2008, at 11:38 PM, Brianna Laugher wrote:


I created a new page on meta:

It lists ways that people can help take part in this project. Most of
them are not about creating illustrations! :)
There are probably more that I've forgotten right now, too. Please add
to the list if you think of them.

There is also a section where you can sign your name if you're
interested to help out in some way.


They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:

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