Thanks Peter, that would be great if you would use your inside-contacts. Much quicker and also probably more effective than a cold-call!
Ideally they could pro-actively give us a bulk dump with the metadata that they specifically wish - it gives them a greater sense of having contributed to Wikimedia rather than just 'allowing' us to scrape the website. The other thing is that the videos would all need mp4 -> ogv conversion. This is not technically hard, but it is annoying.
Perhaps you could see if there's someone you know inside the organisation who was responsible for that website who could help?

Peace, love & metadata

On 7 May 2014 09:39, Peter Ansell <> wrote:
Hi Liam,

I am currently working at CSIRO if that helps. Probably quickest to
try getting in contact using the details at:

If that doesn't work I will contact my local PR person to see what we
can do to get a bulk dump somehow.



On 6 May 2014 10:24, Liam Wyatt <> wrote:
> Hello Australian and GLAMtools lists,
> I read today on the Creative Commons Australia blog that CSIRIO's
> ScienceImage library has been re-licensed to CC-BY:
> [for non-Australians CSIRO is our national science/research institute].
> This is a fabulous series of images, nearly all of which are useful in WP
> articles as they are taken for 'scientific' purposes which means they are
> easily usable as educational images. Take a look:
> There's also over 500 documentary video files
> Here are the subject areas they've divided things up into:
> Animals birds fish marine life sheep
> Buildings laboratories radio telescopes
> Food fruits vegetables seafood
> Insects arachnids moths termites
> Landscapes deserts farms mountains
> People In the lab in the field
> Plants crops flowers trees
> Soil Science erosion mining soils
> Technology computers & computer equipment
> Textile wool and woollen products
> Transportation boats
> Equipment industrial equipment laboratories
> Fire bushfire fire management
> Water irrigation lakes rivers
> Could someone on the GLAMWikiToolset users see if you can neatly extract
> these files to mass upload them to Commons? Equally, we could try to contact
> CSIRO directly?
> -Liam
> Peace, love & metadata
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