Thanks very much for the information regarding these videos in Swedish, Basque, and Spanish. I'm impressed by the quality of the recent videos in Basque and Spanish that I watched, to the extent that I understand them. In the past two to three years have I also learned about recently produced instructional videos through publications such as affiliates' reports and This Month in Education.

To the extent that I understand the video in Spanish that Dennis linked, I think that it is very good, so I'm now thinking that I will suggest to WMF that I not create a Spanish version of the video that I am producing, but in the future if there is interest in having instructional videos in Spanish regarding different subjects that are not already covered by existing videos then I may propose creating Spanish versions of videos that I plan for English Wikipedia, Commons, or other projects.

As far as I know, there is no easily accessible catalog of what Wikimedia instructional videos exist. Finding some instructional videos is possible using the Commons category tree and by searching for file names on Commons, but not all videos are easy to find using those methods, and several instructional videos that I found on Commons are outdated. I boldly created a page here for cataloging Wikimedia instructional videos, and I would like to invite people to expand that list, especially for videos which contain current information and have good production quality. Hopefully having a common catalog will help those of us who produce videos to get ideas from watching others' videos, and to consider whether to translate or reuse portions of existing videos. If someone thinks that they have a better idea for cataloging existing Wikimedia instructional videos, or if there is a catalog that already exists, please reply to this thread or contact me off list.

Regarding documenting my process, I am placing notes on Meta that are in addition to the grant proposal, the talk page for the grant proposal, and the scripts.

Thanks again for sharing information.