The Community Tech team has made great enough progress on the first new reports planned for the Event Metrics tool that I’ve published a Help page, “Definition of metrics,” detailing all of the metrics these two reports will include [1].

As this page makes clear, the new reports provide many numbers that weren’t available in the predecessor to Event Metrics, Grant Metrics. In particular, so-called “impact" metrics—like “Views to pages created” or “Avg. daily views to files uploaded”—will now let event organizers and their partners gauge the size of the audiences their contributions garner.

The metrics definitions spell out how each metric is calculated and exactly what it does and doesn’t include. I know organizers will be interested in these specifics, so I hope you’ll take a few minutes to look these definitions over and offer your thoughts. What are you excited to see? What is unclear or doesn’t seem right? I’ve set up a section on the project talk page for your comments [2]. We’re listening!


Joe Matazzoni
Product Manager, Community Tech
Wikimedia Foundation, San Francisco