This is really very nice! Thank you for sharing =)

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On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 9:48 PM, BOBBY SHABANGU <> wrote:
Wow great stuff Husky !!

On Tuesday, June 17, 2014 1:12 PM, Hay (Husky) <> wrote:

Hi everyone,
i'm pleased to announce that i've completed an upload to Commons of
around 2500 images in high resolution (2400px) related to the overseas
history of the Netherlands. The upload contains a trove of maps from
the Dutch East and West India Companies, ground plan of colonial
fortifications, bird’s eye views of landmarks and harbours throughout
the world by Johannes Vingboons, and beautiful, often coloured, prints
from printed journals of voyages and expeditions. Depicted are places
all over the world where the Dutch were active, including Indonesia,
West Africa, South Africa, East Asia, "New Amsterdam" (New York) and

The website contains over 6000 images, but for this specific upload
i've focused on the 2500 images from the collections of the National
Library of the Netherlands (Koninklijke Bibliotheek) and the National
Archive (Nationaal Archief) because i'm a Wikipedian in Residence for
those institutions.

One of the reasons why i think this upload is interesting is because
the metadata is of high quality. Every image is extensively described
in both Dutch and English, properly dated, contains author information
and most of them are geolocated. For example, here's a picture of
Banda Neira, a small settlement in Indonesia:

All images are in the public domain, but for this upload all the
metadata was released under a CC-Zero license as well.

Some technical details: i didn't use the GWToolset but the good old
Pywikibot. All the metadata of the original XML dumps, and a
'translated json' format is available in the source of every image
page, more or less the same as how the GWT does it.

More information about this upload can be found at the following places:
* Project page on Commons:
* Category with all images:
* Python source of the data mapper and upload bot on Github:
* Atlas of Mutual Heritage:

Kind regards,
-- Hay

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