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This is great because it means that all the excellent work on the paralympics and paralympians can be moved to "Sport" where they belong.

Paralympic articles and Paralympians are already under sport. :D It is fantastic that Australian Paralympians are covered under several Wikiprojects like Australia, Sport and the Paralympics.

Articles about women’s sport are not primarily GLAM articles, they are sports articles, just as articles about women artists are primarily GLAM articles.

Yes, articles about Australian Paralympians done as part of the HOPAU GLAM program, that are part of the biggest GLAM incentive contribution effort to date and in a country where culture identity is tied into sport are primarily GLAM articles, just like articles about female artists are primarily GLAM articles.

  Describing an article on [[Priya Cooper]] as a GLAM article, as we have been doing, is as confusing as it would be to describe the article on Bernini’s wonderful [[Apollo and Daphne (Bernini)]] as an article on the sport of archery.

No, it is a GLAM article.  Priya Cooper is a huge part of Australian sporting culture.  The article was written as part of the HOPAU GLAM project.  Images were donated by the Australian Paralympic Committee.  The work was supported by the library called the National Sport Information Centre. :D  Isn't it fantastic the opportunity this GLAM has presented to improve women's content related to Australia?  And it isn't just an issue of improving sport content, but women's content and disability related content! :D  So awesome!  Priya Cooper was the first GA in the APC/NSIC/HOPAU GLAM effort.  Hopefully, we have many more to come.  It would be great to have a list of other GAs/FAs/DYKs/FLs featuring women that were done as part GLAM movement.


So this sports portal means things can be made less confusing.

The sport portal and sport Wikiproject have been around for a while. :)   If you want to learn more about the GLAM project, http://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/HOPAU it is there.  The Wikiproject about Women's sport is completely independent of the Wikiproject. :)


The obvious overlaps between women and sports (for example, individual sportswomen and women’s sport, such as individual paralympians or sporting competitions like the Olympics) are comparable to the obvious overlaps between GLAM and women (for example, women artists or exhibitions of their work). Now, with their primary category made clearer, it should all be more coherent. Good.

The overlap between GLAM is obvious and coherent.  It is fantastic that culturally important women are getting recognition on Wikipedia by having images donated by cultural institutions to support them, by having a GLAM support efforts to improve these articles, and by providing resources and access to resources to continue to support them. :D  http://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/HOPAU/W2G also provides a fantastic opportunity for women in Australia to work on this and gain access to opportunities they might not otherwise have.  It is fantastic, and coherent.  You should hear the passion from institutional stakeholders in our GLAM about this. :D


There are opportunities for good GLAM articles when all three converge – GLAM, sport and women.

Yes these are good opportunities when a GLAM project, http://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/HOPAU , can converge to encourage the improvement of culturally important articles like Priya Cooper. :D  Hopefully, we can get more GLAM opportunities to improve similar content.

If you know any women Wikimedians in Australia, please encourage them to participate in http://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/HOPAU/W2G because it would be fantastic to have women participate, to have women improve women's oriented content, and for them to have an opportunity to attend the London Paralympics to cover the games live… especially if they cover them with a focus on women competitors.

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