Also, WikiProject Feminism on the English Wikipedia has lots of ongoing projects, although they are generally asynchronous on-wiki efforts rather than in-person edit-a-thons. For example:
* (only 7 left)
* (only Louisa Henrietta de Rivarol is lacking)

Most of these aren't actually specific to feminism, but are just efforts to fill in missing biographies on women (similar to a lot of the Art+Feminism work). If anyone wants to propose new ideas for women-related topics to tackle, feel free to post them on the project talk page:

On Sat, Nov 7, 2015 at 10:50 AM, Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight <> wrote:
In addition to the Women in Science, WikiProject Women in Red (WiR) has hosted 3 other virtual edit-a-thons since its founding in July: 
Some of WiR's events are sponsored by an organization (Smithsonian, Guggenheim, Art+Feministm), while others aren't. WiR is an Art+Feminism collaborator... we're hosting the online/virtual event during the entire month of March.  And we're planning for other events, such as Women in Religion (December), at our Ideas Cafe:

Specifically regarding women in politics, we covered quite a few of them at the Women in Leadership virtual event, but if there's interest in addressing this subtopic, WiR would gladly do a virtual edit-a-thon for Women in Politics (perhaps around the 2016 US elections). 

WiR events typically run for 10 days, crossing over two weekends. But the current event (Scientists) is running for 21 days, and the first one (APA women) ran for 3 days. But what's become typical of our events is that editors jump in before and/or after the "official" dates and create new articles whenever they please. 

Metrics?  The outcomes, listed on each event's page, give you an idea of the good stuff we're doing.

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