>In the US we call it "pink washing."
>It does attract some women. And then there are others who absolutely turned off by it.
>I'll let you guess what category I fall into ;)
I wonder if this might have—or might be defended as—something to do with Breast Cancer Awareness Month: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Breast_Cancer_Awareness_Month
Granted, that “National” means it’s largely (for now) a U.S.-specific thing. Starting tomorrow, over here, that color will be everywhere (and perhaps, to be fair, in Canada as well): ribbons on downtown lampposts, the lights of the Empire State Building, and the shoes worn by NFL players (and yes, there is some similar criticism of it; see the article).
I suppose it could be salvaged that way, if someone wants to introduce the concept to Denmark and, by extension, Scandinavia, if it hasn’t been already.
Daniel Case