On Thursday, August 25, 2011, Daniel and Elizabeth Case wrote:

> +1, Sarah (and I say this with even more conviction having met you in

> person). Wasn't there some data recently showing that women who become

> admins are actually more likely to stick with it?


[[ http://www.grouplens.org/system/files/wp-gender-wikisym2011.pdf


Returning to table 4, we see that overall, a greater proportion of males than females become administrators. However, one major factor in successfully becoming an administrator is having a substantial edit count, and we know from our earlier results that females are more likely to leave Wikipedia before accumulating many edits. If we restrict our analysis to users who have at least 2,000 edits (all but five administrators have over 2,000 edits),the tables are turned. Within this group of dedicated Wikipedians,females are actually significantly more likely to become administrators than their male counterparts. We also performed the same comparison using thresholds of 1,000 and 4,000 edits and obtained the same qualitative result.