Thanks Phoebe. What actually happened to the April 2012 survey? I mentioned that the figures were never released – all I could find was some Wikimania 2013 slides John Vandenberg posted on Facebook, which did not include gender stats, and to my knowledge there was neither a report nor a dump (see links in the post; I noted that people kept asking about it on the relevant Meta talk page, and then it seemed to peter out).

Do you have access to the gender demographics results, and if so, could you share them?


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I will have to look into Hill & Shaw, but would note that the Wikimedia Foundation itself reported the figures from the UNU survey as they stood (see e.g. p. 8 of the February 2011 Strategic Plan: "According to the study, over 86% of contributors were male"). 

NB., that was before the Hill & Shaw paper was published, which was 2013 :) Hill & Shaw is *probably* the best estimate of the gendergap we have so far, but everyone -- including the WMF and the researchers involved -- knows that the data can be improved. And hopefully it will be, with future editor surveys and more research!

-- phoebe

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