Also, wacky question: 

could there ever be any legal repercussion - like the "real" legal system, not an internet community - that could be taken to support a person who should not be "banned" from a website? like carol?  If you're called lots of nasty names, if men aren't being banned, etc but women are, blahblahblah - that's sexist and discrimination IMHO. 

I'm sure there are plenty of lawyers who would look at all of this and go "UH WHAT" ... 

I really don't know how things like Arbcom stand up in the court of law. I just think sometimes it's a matter of making a shit storm even shittier by bring in the law - the world needs to see that Wikipedia is more of a mess then they think. Makes it a lot harder to donate to Wikipedia when you see these types of things happening, right? 

And frankly, Carol might be outspoken, but this is sexist crap when a man can act all disruptive but be "oh so valuable" and women like Carol (and me and others) are seen as psychos and angry women who bring nothing to the project (she's an amazing writer and has contributed a lot too). 

I have a lawyer on standby for every single threat that comes my way now on the internet, and that includes Wikipedia - I'm not rich, but, frankly, I just can't do it alone anymore and the system isn't solving anything. From Twitter to Wikipedia, a day doesnt' go by when myself or a woman I know isn't threatened on the internet. I'm just so sick of it. 

I'm also really pissed off in general about the last 24 hours in america. So whatever. 


On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 11:41 AM, Nathan <> wrote:
It's really two issues - one, there was some disruption and misconduct around the Gender Gap wikiproject that really got overblown a bit and never needed to be an arbitration case to begin with. Granted that some of the participants weren't really contributing in good faith, and that there was a little bit of misunderstanding and overreaction on the part of some who were.

The second issue is that there is a particular person who is an absolutely outstanding article writer, but has a longstanding habit of acting like a jerk on a regular basis. The community and the committee have repeatedly shown themselves to be incapable of finding a solution to that problem, and this is no exception. 

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