From:  Genevieve2
Subject: WikiProject Women's sport+

Merci Laura pour votre si gentil message d'encouragement.

Thank you Laura. Your support help me a little.

You are right. I have can be too much worked pages on leagues in january 2012 and to forget to write individuel some bibliographies on individual players.

I shall mean putting some update on pages which I know well (Montreal Star, CWHL and players of the Montreal Stars .

To answer you I have no university education. I am in a labor environment, I began since January, a technical formation in photography. It explains my interet for my wiki commons
, I am going to pursue my work of amateurish photographer. I takes 150 or 200 photos in every match. I selectionne about ten photos which I work on Photoshop. I choose 3 or 4 which(who) will be on Wikipedia pages. This week-end, my hockey team of did not play at Montreal and to stay in the house. (je me sens un peu dépressive). February 12 I will going to takeo take photos to illustrate the Ringette sport and National Ringette League (for wikipedia page).