Here are a few edits to the manifesto. In relation to the safety issue, in addition to its being impractical, it might be good to avoid the notion that women more than men need a safe space, need to be made “comfortable” or that men need to be  “helped” or even want or need to be feminists.  If indeed there are aspects of the Wikipedia culture that turn women off, I’d assume it is less a question of weakness than good common sense and the confidence not to waste time where one is not happy.  So my changes below


Our Culture: The Gender Gap group hopes to foster a neutral or dispassionate environment where people can express their thoughts, feelings, and solutions regarding the gender gap on Wikipedia. The goal is to collaboratively find logical solutions to help improve the presence of women on Wikipedia and, hopefully, its sister projects.

As this group touches upon complex problems that permeate human history, it is essential that we are both patient with and tolerant of each other. Let's try to help each other express both frustration and solutions in a constructive way.


Please note: Any member found to be using the list in a negative way will be asked to leave. This is because, at times, information shared may be personal or emotional in nature.


Frances Kissling, visiting scholar

Center for Bioethics, UPenn

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