Hi Rosie - I'm in the process of finalizing a new Wikimedia merch store that the Foundation will own and operate, which will ultimately replace (and decrease overhead/customer cost) cafepress. 

You would be able to produce the designs with just the use of the name Wikipedia on cafepress or a similar service independently if you wish (and host those through women4wikipedia.net).  

It's understandable that to promote activity relating to Wikipedia, you have to use the word.  Use of the Wikipedia stylized name and/or the puzzle globe is a different matter. 

I'm also in the process of developing some prospective design samples that I think would nicely complement the work of this group, and we could incorporate your logo and designs.  

We hope to have the wikimedia storefront up and running by the end of the month - getting it ready to share with the community now.  In the mean time you could place your designs on zazzle or cafepress on your own (via an independent storefront).  I'm going to do some research into the current cafepress store to see if you could also add the design there until we wind the cafepress store down.

jay walsh

On Mar 4, 2011, at 9:26 PM, Collective Action wrote:

Hi all, 

I was wanting to create T-Shirts for sale to people supporting Women4Wikipedia using the images on the page found athttp://women4wikipedia.net 

I was wondering if they could be added to the official merchandise shop on cafepress.com since the Wikipedia name may well be trademarked- besides it just seems the most logical way to go about it?

This is the page where the current cafepress.com designs were decided: 

I'm not sure how to go about things from this point though and whether our designs can be used? The small header image is licenced CC0 but the larger image further down on the page is currently not in the public domain. I need to know what license is most appropriate should we be given permission to add it to the official Wikipedia merchandise designs. This larger image is also available in varying colours for different coloured T-shirts, as is the header. 

Rosie Williams

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