Hi everyone,

Sorry to open a big can of worms. If you have been following the image referendum insanity on the enjoyable experience known as Foundation-L, you may have seen today's post about how the majority of German editors to Wikipedia protest the image filter. Foundation-L is heavily male dominated (like many lists)...having an especially large number of highly opinionated individuals from around the world (probably one of the largest and most opinionated vocal groups in our culture - and this includes folks like myself ;) Not meant to be offensive..just an observation).

Males are primarily the one's chirping in on this conversation, aside from a small group of women who have and continue to do so (many who are active on this list and seem to be from the US).

I was curious if any women from German Wikipedia would feel comfortable perhaps sharing their thoughts on the image referendum. I bring it up here on Gender Gap since this has served as a "safe place" for people to share their honest points of view. I trust everyone here to remain civil and respectful, as we have thus far :) (The convo has gotten a little insane on Foundation-L!)

I support the referendum, but, I'm sure after conversations here, many of you understand why. I like the idea of being able to give every individual the power to delegate what they instantly view on Wikipedia, and their family.



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