Maggie, Beria, and all:

I've read through the discussion of Sue's blog post with a mixture of interest (in the substance of the various things that have been said) and concern (about the tenor). I want to address the second of those, the way we choose to communicate with each other.

There are two statements that stand out to me -- things that I feel simply should not be said among people convened around collaboration and equality.

Maggie, you said:

"I'm not clear what point you are trying to prove, other than the 9% of "girls'" voices don't matter."

I can't begin to imagine which of Beria's words made you think that. She didn't say it. But it's the very first sentence of your response to her.

Beria, in a very brief message, you said:

"… the lies Sue told in the post…"

"Lie" is a very strong word. If you're going to make such an accusation (as opposed to "I disagree" or "she is mistaken"), I believe civility demands that you state VERY clearly and concisely, in the same message, precisely what you think the lie is. I did follow your link, and I think I understand your position; but for such a strong statement, I don't believe it's appropriate to expect your readers to go digging for the meaning.

If both of you feel your words above are appropriate to this list, I disagree. Honesty and the validity of women's views are core values that we all share here. Accusations to the contrary are not productive.