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First, note per my last message on stalkers, obviously the other editors on the issue in question were assumed to be or admittedly male.

I identify with below.  Some women are just more diplomatic than we may be; others have unconsciously gotten into the habit of always apologizing for opining - though theose often may be more likely to leave.

I even sometimes find myself apologetic, however, I have never found myself apologetic for going off on a jerk (regardless of gender), however, it does get tiring, and sometimes you just feel like giving up. All the more reason why community is so important. I'm tired of people telling me that I'm "canvasing" by telling my friends and colleagues that myself or someone or a topic is being unfairly treated or disrespected. A cry or call for help is not canvassing, it's bringing awareness.
What's funny is on a current article I originally thought two aggressive editors, one of whom even attacked me bringing up an old block to try to keep me from editing, turned out to be women.  However, they are editing on an article where the top allows them to actualize the role of the female bear protecting her cubs.

Yes, it's not always men who are bullies and jerks on Wikipedia. "Jerks can be jerks regardless of gender!" :D  But, it does show you how our minds work - we're so used to males bullying "us" or disrespecting us on Wikipedia, that when you find out it's a woman it's even harder to take sometimes. Ha!

Also, while it can be frustrating, I don't let my lack of tech saavy let me feel bad. Better to carp that the tech savvies should make it easier for the rest of us and get them to admit you are right! :-)

I wish I could say that. People often seem surprised to find out that I'm really self conscious about it. Even though I have been using technology longer than most people who are my age, and I've often been described as being "on top of it"; the more I have become involved in Wikimedia the more self conscious I have become and I've realized I don't know as much as people think. I can fake it until I make it at times, but, tech is not one of those places. It's been frustrating for me as someone involved in planning Wikimania 2012, I have no clue who half the key note speakers recommended to me were.

"Ok, and who is Tim Berners-Lee?"
"Uh, he only invented the internet"


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