On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 3:43 AM, Fæ <faewik@gmail.com> wrote:
Tarc, I felt your "lipstick on a pig" comment about a transexual was
not just disgusting, but was a key example of why we needed a WM-LGBT
user group to both highlight and gradually improve a hostile culture
on Wikimedia projects that appeared to allow blatantly anti-LGBT
attitudes and language on its projects under the guise of "being a
joke" or "teasing".

I stopped following any of the crap related to your defamatory
language, so if you apologised I missed it. If you did apologize,
could you give a link to it, or if not then maybe a thread here or
Wikimedia-l might be a good way of building some bridges with members
of minority groups that you took part in driving away from Wikipedia
through comments like this?


​Hi Fae, Tarc wrote during or after the Chelsea Manning case that his comments had been a false-flag operation, intended to shine a spotlight on transphobia. He acknowledged that this was not a good way to do it, and as I recall he apologized.