Yes, that is a possible approach John. But I was speaking about comparing all the biographies between different Wikipedias and discover missing females bios in each one.

By the way, I'm not interested any more in developing tools or statistics for this movement. I recently discovered that WikiWomenCamp[1] is going to exclude men from participating. I unsubscribe from this mailing list. Good luck.


2012/2/12 John Vandenberg <>
On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 3:44 AM, emijrp <> wrote:
> ..
> By the way, I'm interested in searching for missing female biographies
> comparing Wikipedia biographical corpora in an automated way and make some
> lists of red links. I will think about that.

I've made an attempt at doing this by using a PD Australian book that
included female bios.
Of the 21 female bios I could find, 10 didnt appear to have have a WP bio. ;-(

I see two women at,_people_prominent_in_ODNB
and many more in the pages at

The full text of DNB is available on Wikisource:

John Vandenberg

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