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Hi all,

sorry for crossposting, but I think this job add is worth spreading
throughout the whole movement – and beyond. So please feel free to
forward it to any friend, village pump, mailing list or social media
site of your choice.

For reference, you can find the ad here:

Thanks a lot and best regards,

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From: Markus Glaser <markus.glaser@wikimedia.de>
Date: 26 January 2013 16:49
Subject: [Chapters] Job offer: Secretary-General for Chapters Association
To: Wikimedia Chapters general discussions <chapters@wikimedia.ch>

Dear all,

after a long period of discussions and clarifications, we are now
finally starting our search for a Secretary-General to serve the
Chapters Association.
Please distribute to following text to as many of your contacts,
mailing-lists  and networks as possible.

Thank you very much,
kind regards,

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.

The Chapters Association (CA) will be an umbrella organization for
Wikimedia chapters established in various regions around the world.
The association represents the common interests of those chapters
within the Wikimedia movement.

One of its goals is to set, review and enforce standards of
accountability and participation among its members. The association
will facilitate the exchange of experiences, ideas, and knowledge
between chapters and assist them in their organizational development
and to develop common programs and projects.

To enhance external communication, coordinate the Wikimedia movement
and represent its chapters on official occasions, CA is looking for an
experienced and motivated person to become the full-time

Secretary-General (f/m)

of the Chapters Association.
CA is incorporated in Geneva, however depending on your place of
residence a relocation might not be necessary.

Job description

The Secretary-General is to be head of the CA´s Secretariat as defined
by the CA´s charter. The Secretariat performs the executive powers of
the Association. The Secretary-General will be elected by the Council.
The other Members of the Secretariat are appointed by the
Secretary-General, with the consent of the Council. The Secretariat
reports to the Council on the Association's activities and has the
right to submit proposals for Council resolutions.

She/He will be responsible for:

Defining the organizational structure, publishing job offers and
hiring the officers of the secretariat;
Building the strategic plan for the association;
Assuring the financial stability of the organization;
Coordinating between all association members;
Building annual program plans to achieve the CA mission;
Handling all formal administrative tasks including finance,
communications, legal and technical;
and preparing the assemblies of the CA council.

Desired personal traits

Leader – the selected Secretary-General will have to build the
organization from its earliest stages according to the outlines set by
the CA council.
Administrator – some of the tasks of the Secretary-General would be of
administrative nature. She/He would have to write detailed program
plans, review by-laws, financial reports, program plans and program
reports of other organizations.
Excellent communication skills – one of the the Secretary-General's
primary tasks would be to communicate with member chapters. Those
chapters are dispersed in different regions of the worlds representing
various cultural habits. The selected Secretary-General would have to
be multi-culturally-minded to work effectively with these partners.
Willing and able to travel world-wide.
Proven experience with building and managing a large diverse organization.
Comfortable working with people at all levels of the organization,
including community members and volunteers.
Experience in other like-minded/ international/ volunteer-driven/
non-profit/ peer-review-driven organizations would be considered as an

The ideal candidate will be hard-working, creative, highly-motivated,
and able to operate and effectively manage multiple cultural contexts,
time-zones and expectations
Incredible diplomatic problem-solving skills in an international
environment as well as the ability to deal comfortably and efficiently
with ambiguity and an ever changing environment

Must be fluent in English; skill in other languages would be
considered as an advantage.

Great to have

University degree
Experience within the Wikimedia movement. However, according to CA´s
charter a Member of the Secretariat cannot be a Council Member or hold
a position in a Chapter or in the Wikimedia Foundation.
Love working with a highly collaborative, consensus oriented environment

Competitive salary package. Please send your cover letter, full CV,
salary expectations and at least two references in one .pdf file to:
In case of any questions, please also use email and the address given above.
Publication date: 26.01.2013 - Application deadline: 15.02.2013

Seat and postal address: Wikimedia Switzerland, 8008 Zurich
Office: Wikimedia CH, Escaliers du Marché 2, CH-1003 Lausanne
Web: www.wikimedia.ch

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