Interesting that you posted this Pete. I was actually mentioned to me today that Quora is also having it's own problem with the gender gap.

Thanks for sharing this! (I'm going to share the link with a few other folks not on this list from Geek Feminism)


On 9/7/12 12:40 PM, Pete Forsyth wrote:

Just wanted to point out this discussion. If you're not familiar with Quora, it's a question-and-answer site, which has generally done a good job of attracting intelligent and thoughtful participants. (The site sometimes requires you to make an account to see its content, but this question is fully visible without an account.)

Anyway, the question is:

Is online hate speech directed toward women escalating in recent years, or is it just being documented and talked about more?

As I write this, there are two interesting answers; in addition, the more detailed version of the question has a number of interesting links.

Just thought list members might want to look at a related discussion in a different forum.


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