Suppose I should say a brief something since some of the posts here talk about me.   I have been caustic and acerbic at the Wikipedia over the years, though in fits and starts I am trying to take it down a few notches. So, yea, I'm quite aware that I'm not the best poster-child for any sort of movement or change or whatnot.  I dived into Gamergate after hearing about some of the really awful things that were being said about Zoe Quinn elsewhere, thinking (correctly) that her Wiki bio was going to be a harassment magnet.  As far as I am concerned, there is no debate; if one identifies as a "pro-Gamergater", than that one stands side-by-side with the harassment that was done under the hashtag. I did not want to allow these people to direct the narrative of the Gamergate article.

   So, yes, sometimes one loses one's cool when dealing with dirtbags from 8chan/reddit.  However, it is a shame that we who kept the hordes at bay, while being harassed by 8chan/reddit and hell, harassed by Jimmy Wales himself for a time til his eyes belatedly opened, were not cut a little more slack. We were doing something right (with using some wrong words/tone at times) and got the same treatment as a bunch of throwaway accounts.  

   That is the narrative that the mainstream media seems to be running with, and while it isn't accurate for them to say "feminists and women were banned", they are still correctly portraying the WIkipedia's Arbcom as doing a pretty bad thing here.