Of note, I question the copyright status of this (and other) images.  In particular, there's no evidence at all that the photo was taken in the 1910s, and there is the fact that the copyright and appropriateness of these images is already in question when one looks at the website referred to as the source of the image. 

Of course, I don't go near Commons if I can avoid it - and I usually can - so I'm not going to take up this fight.  However, if *I* can see a problem with an image copyright, there's probably a problem.


(And thanks to Andreas and whomever else removed the images from other projects.)

On 25 March 2012 09:38, Andreas Kolbe <jayen466@gmail.com> wrote:
This edit to the article on the niqab worn by Muslim women


was pointed out on the Wikipediocracy forum the other day (http://www.wikipediocracy.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=122; I'm a mod there).

The edit has stood for five days now. The same image was also inserted in a bunch of other Wikipedias (and may still be present in them).

Interestingly, in the German Wikipedia, it was stopped by the pending changes function. (I've reverted it in the German Wikipedia.)


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