The reporter refers it as Wikipedia / Wikimedia on several times on the article, in case you haven't noticed it. 

I respect your opinion but for most part of world, Wiki means Wikipedia and not necessarily Wikileaks :) 

Please note that the article was written by journo ( err... journalist) from the media publication and not me. 

Tinu Cherian 

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On Tuesday 22 Mar 2011 13:34:18 CherianTinu Abraham wrote:
> *The Hindustan Times ( Kolkata edition) : "Wiki wants Women"*
> s/Wiki-wants-women-22032011101054.shtml?Mode=1

"Wiki wants Women".

> *The international media is abuzz with the gender gap in Wikipedia
> contributors around the world. Also, a survey by Wikimedia Foundation shows
> that English Wiki has only 13% women editors. To level this skewed ratio,

"English Wiki".

I would have taken this article more seriously, if it hadn't called
"Wikipedia" simply "Wiki":




Note that "wikip" is a useful shorthand for "Wikipedia" on IRC/IM/etc. but not
simply "Wiki". This kind of mental sloppiness always makes me think that the
person who say that is an idiot.


       Shlomi Fish

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