Hi all -

Normally I would hesitate to spam the list with info about a non-Wikimedia related org's fundraising campaign, but the Ada Initiative does really amazing work - and work that is not only directly related to but has had a direct effect on closing the gender gap in open tech, Wikimedia projects included.

They're the people behind the Wikimedia Foundation's friendly spaces policies - and also the people behind many other anti-harrassment policies implemented at prominent tech conferences in recent years.  They've also hosted a series of events aimed at both empowering women in open tech, and at ensuring that open tech can be as inclusive an environment as possible.

I've seen their work firsthand, and it is both impressive, efficacious, and frugal.  If you are in a position where you can support their efforts, I would encourage you to do so (even if that just means signal boosting this post to other lists.)  I honestly believe that the Ada Initiative is one of the most effective organizations operating in this sphere.

Here are three blog posts from long-time Wikimedians - Brion Vibber, Sumana Harihareswara, and Briana Laugher - explaining why they've chosen to support the Ada Initiative.  I hope that after reading their words and mine, you'll choose to do the same.


Kevin Gorman