The reason you can't find the archives is that it is a non-archiving list, and there are none.

I too have been a member of this list for many years. It is used infrequently, and I believe its intention was to draw issues of interest to women editors to their attention, and to provide support to women who were encountering onwiki challenges; however, my overall impression is that at least for the last few years it has not been terribly active. There's no blame associated with that statement: many of the women on the list spend much of their wiki-time focusing on broader issues, and it's easy to forget posting to a smaller list when one is active on multiple other lists, or is busy working in a particular area that doesn't appear to be particularly interesting to women as a group.

As I recall, there was also some debate a while back about whether or not trans women should be included in the list that created some dissent. Ultimately, I believe it was decided they could participate; in fact, my introduction to the list was from a trans woman. 


On 2 October 2011 10:46, Sarah Stierch <> wrote:
You can go here and look:

But you also can't access that. The funny thing is that I'm am member on the list but I'm not a member on the website and a you can't join unless you state you are a woman in your application.

Again, I haven't been able to access the archives since I've been a member, and I've never seen a post. I think it's been circumvented with the creation of this mailing list. I joined the list out of curiosity when the "gender gap storm" struck to see if anything was taking place.

Angela is still an active editor, I just spoke to her recently.


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I'm not sure if I can talk about wikichix-l here (since is a private ml after all). Let me ask them and them I come to you with a answer :)
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Have wikichix-l talked about possible solutions to the gender gap?

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Gendergap mailing list

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