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I was reverted when I tried to remove them all, so I started an RfC on the talk page, and alerted WikiProject Feminism. In turn, the editor who added them (who uses a woman's name) alerted WikiProject Pornography, so it seems likely that some at least will be kept; the article is now down to two images of porn stars and starts with Christine Lagarde, director-general of the International Monetary Fund. The editor who first added the images wrote on talk that, if we really want the images to be representative of women in general, "we should be looking for images of nurses, waitresses, school teachers, barmaids and prostitutes."


Well, we also know that PETA is a big fan of pushing celebrity - let alone naked celebrities (or "hot" models) for the sake of vegetarianism and animal rights. I'm sure that doesn't help the situation!


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