I'm not sure what you mean by "qualified speakers", but you did you ask on this list?


On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 3:40 PM, Maximilian Klein <isalix@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Gender Gap,

With some collaborators, I submitted this panel for Wikimania 2014 "Reform of citation structure for all Wikimedia project" [1]. Despite my best efforts (and continuing efforts), I couldn't find any non-men to be on the panel. I asked each of the potential panelists if they knew any other qualified speakers (not specifically women, just other people), asked my old colleagues, put a call out on social media. But it just ended up being all-men.

Is it desirable to write something to the effect of "we are cognizant this is an all-male panel, and would like to change the underlying factors" as a preamble to the submissions? And if so, what is the right way?


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