well said, Sarah! Thanks for reading through all that stuff - I tried and failed

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I am now on digest mode with this mailing list. The traffic is often too much for me and the voice of this list is frustrating for me sometimes..so... remember that please :)

I have been asked to share my thoughts by many people this morning on the internet, here they are:

I have been editing Wikipedia for ten years and i have no clue what has been going on with the feminist/gamergate thing. As one of the more well known female editors i have cut back heavily on my involvement after last year. I don't know any of the editors, personally, who "went to court" but I have seen this stuff happen to both sides in men's rights articles in the past.

After reviewing the Arbcom case, I don't even know who got the idea that any of the contributing editors are feminist, per se. No one even mentions the word, except once, when describing a subject that was "slandered" in the gamer gate article(s).

I also don't think that the edits made to the article are overwhelmingly feminist in nature. It appears to be just a bunch of people editing the Wikipedia article to protect it from being a hot mess of 4chan junk.

Note: most of the "in trouble" editor's aren't that productive at contributing feminist content to Wikipedia. I have interacted with only four of them - Black Kite, Future Perfect at Sunrise, TarainDC and Bilby - only one is a female in real life and I know her from GLAM editing projects. She is the only one that I know who has actively edited feminist topics prior to this. I actually consider Bilby an ally, but, I have never heard him or any of the other editors blatantly identify themselves as feminists.

From what I know, only one of the editors on the entire "trial list" identifies out as a female.

So, it appears a bunch of editors trying to keep the article clean had to run through the gauntlet. I don't think the end of the world has come to any of their lives - they have plenty of other subjects of interest to keep them busy on Wikipedia.

I also think people invest *too much* into Wikipedia to where it's what they live for..per se. I see a lot of that in this case, and many others that "go to court" on Wikipedia. I stopped participating on Wikipedia when it screwed up my personal life so much, and I lost sleep over it. So... that's my advice to anyone involved in that Arbcom case :) Go on vacation and get another hobby and edit Wikipedia when you feel like it. It isn't life. It's just an encyclopedia.


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