Thank you for this Carol. I was driven off En.wp / suffered a death of a thousand wikilawyering cuts after ridiculously blatant homophobia, outing and off wiki attacks against my personal life. Even the, now hidden from view, Arbcom case against me was allowed to bang on about fisting, clearly intended as abuse. There seem clear parallels, if you are a woman or gay, you are advised to stay in the closet.

Last week Jimmy Wales was asked to say something, anything, in support of a more welcoming culture for LGBT editors. Silence in return. The content may be a marvel, but the 1970s culture is rotten.

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And frankly, Carol might be outspoken, but this is sexist crap when a man can act all disruptive but be "oh so valuable" and women like Carol (and me and others) are seen as psychos and angry women who bring nothing to the project (she's an amazing writer and has contributed a lot too). 
I'm also really pissed off in general about the last 24 hours in america. So whatever. 


First, I  do a mea culpa on not being the perfect little lady editor. I edit in controversial areas (which according to some guys in itself proves I'm a drama queen!), disagree with and revert male editors, argue in a strong manner, sometimes get as competitive as some male editors, take issues to noticeboards when there's a stalemate and sometimes editors to ANI when they really get out of line. There is a small percentage of guys who just go crazy over this sort of thing and from time to time I say snotty things to them. Nothing like some of the things that have been said to me!

 In the last 3 months I've been under intense harassment and have written a couple stupid things and today I really let ArbCom know just what I think. (Per Sarah's comment about Ferguson; having lived in a 95% black area for almost 20 years, I do take it emotionally).

Anyway my Arbitration Evidence provides a timeline of disruption at GGTF and detailed the battleground attitudes of a nasty little coterie of editors who set out to disrupt GGTF and harass a few individual editors.  As I came to learn as Arbitration progressed, over the years they have driven off a number of editors who disagreed with them.

Since they love to yap about "Carol's biggest crimes (all two)" here they are.  Much fewer and far more excusable than much of the stuff they've pulled.

* After two editors harassing me were either Ibanned or chastised, I got fed up with another harasser who I believed might be married to the the King pin editor of this gang and asked her if that was why she was harassing me, in a not very diplomatic manner.  What can I say, PTSD....  I immediately apologized when it was denied, but have been hearing about it over and over ever since.

* Last week I got really pissed that even after ArbCom voted to site ban me, King pin's friends KEPT harassing me! I got pissed and wrote: "This is a [[gang bang]] over [[C*nt-gate]] by individuals who I mostly am unfamiliary with" in text and edit summary.  The comment was ignored but at least an arbitrator told them to cut it out which they did for a couple days. Then it started up again the last few days.

Today I got pissed that two other individuals who had insulted and harassed me repeatedly in the past were doing it there. I wrote my REAL OPINION of what is going on with the whole Arbitration. And cc'd to Jimmy Wales (who has said the same kind of things about this group, basically told them to get lost, but refuses to get the WMF board to do anything about enforcing terms of service.)

  Some people seem to think that ArbCom is so naive they don't know that the Manchester Gangbangers and their cronies/minions are engaged in '''institutionalized harassment''' using ArbCom as one of their harassment tools. They think just explaining that will open their eyes and they'll do the right thing.
No, the only thing that will clear Wikipedia of this vicious coterie is a national publicity campaign to pressure the WMF into enforcing its Terms of Service, including against culpable ArbCom members. (I see several Sitush/Corbett/ cronies/minions are running for the next Arbitration Committee.) And I'm one of dozens who see it that way, we just haven't decided where to organize our efforts. Just because their tactic worked on silencing 1.2 billion Indians with their Brit imperialist drivel doesn't mean it will work on silencing 3.3 billion women. After all 1/2 the members of the Board are women.

Which got me blocked for (now) 72 hours.  By which time I'll be site banned anyway.

So that's how evil I am!!!  Needlesstosay I feel very liberated and wonder why I didn't quit years ago. (Besides fact I'm a stubborn taurus the bull.) Now that I'll finally after 8 years be able to update my website, I'll be creating with all sorts of things I've learned over the years. Plus obviously GGTF stuff and a side by side comparison of the evidence provided against me (mostly me getting pissed after intensive harassment) vs. the obnoxious things that several other editors had done at GGTF, me and/or others over the years.  That won't be done til January/February. 

Some of are talking about getting something else together off wikipedia, but nothing solid...


So that's the story....

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