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Wikipedia colleagues,

I want to work within the accepted range of who rises to the level of notable women.  The historical problem of women in the news less, and quoted and cited less, is still an issue.  I want to mention an important figure, who may otherwise stay out of the news.  Please see her page - Michelle Clayman. 

While Ms. Clayman is in investments, and for that reason may stay out of the limelight, without her philanthropy at the Clayman Institute for Gender Studies, an amazing body of research may have never happened.  The scale is global, and her funding support includes game-changing and paradigm-upending research such as "The Motherhood Penalty" and a number of projects focused abroad.  Ms. Clayman should (NPOV) be noted for providing the framework, funding, and vision to support research on women's struggles.  I've gone ahead and marked the page as a Stanford wiki and/or women's history project; links to the Institute and additional activities are a good idea.

KS Rolph

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