Hi all!

I'm not sure if you know the CEE Spring 2016 project. It is an article writing contest held on 29 language versions of Wikipedia aiming to gather knowledge about the countries of Central and Eastern Europe[1]. The participants write about different topics related to the region. But the topic that is supported the most are women biographies. We feel that this is important to inspire users to discover and share stories about the notable women from the region. You can read more about how we do it at the CEE Spring blog[2][3].
Our ideas seem to be working - in some language versions more than 60% of biographies created during the contest are about women! 
The contest is still on (it will last till May 31) so it is still time to join us and write about Central European women. Especially that this week we are holding a special international challenge related to women in science and education[3]. 

Natalia [[user:Magalia]]

[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_CEE_Spring_2016
[2] http://ceespring.eu/blog/2016/04/21/cee-spring-participants-fighting-the-gender-gap/
[3] http://ceespring.eu/blog/2016/04/30/week-of-women-in-science-and-education/