I'm there for months and I must say is a pretty quiet mailing list. 

And we have around 60 members.

No dia 2 de Out de 2011 09:32, "John Vandenberg" <jayvdb@gmail.com> escreveu:
On Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 6:47 PM, Béria Lima <beria.lima@wikimedia.pt> wrote:
> Let's not reinvent the wheel, shall we?
> A group like Maggie described already exist - for years - under the name
> Wikichix-l (see
> http://lists.modernthings.org/listinfo.cgi/wikichix-l-modernthings.org )
> Is a mailing list who exist since December 2006 and the sumary of creation
> was "Angela Beesley announced the creation of a mailing list and Wiki for
> female WMF-projects editors to discuss gender bias and ways to make the
> projects more inviting for women. Discussion followed on whether this is a
> positive development, and whether a number of other divisions will (or
> should) spring up after this."

would it be possible for wikichix-l to give a summary or stats of
activity on the list (number of active participants, etc)?

John Vandenberg

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