Lists and categories are essentially search tools. People are interested in locating content about women in vocations and hobbied historical held by men. Lists and categories aid in finding this content without looking at each entry to determine the gender.

For occupations, such as nursing, where females dominant,  a list of male nurses would be useful.

Since women historically held fewer notable position, more often these gender specific lists will cover women.


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It is a good work Sarah. But I don't understand why those lists where women are separated from men are needed. I think that the only reason is that there are persons who would need to read only about "female chessplayers", "female ...", etc. But in the same fashion, there are persons who need to read only about "male chessplayers".

We can see as is less populated than Probably you would say that the "male" version of that lists are the "regular" one. But we can see that the female astronauts that are included here are also here (see ♀ symbol), but there is no a "List of male astronauts". If we are going to take this approach, we have to start lists for both gender, separated and joined.

By the way, I'm interested in searching for missing female biographies comparing Wikipedia biographical corpora in an automated way and make some lists of red links. I will think about that.

2012/2/8 Sarah Stierch <>
Hi everyone,

A few of us came together on the WikiWomen's History Month page to create a "List of Lists of Women" on English Wikipedia. Plenty of red links throughout the lists included, and yes everything is covered involving women! Even women pirates...

I know we'd love to see a similar collection in other languages, and use them as tools for figuring out what other lists need to be created, but also what articles need to be made.

Also, please take a look at our English WikiWomen's History Page:'s_History_Month

We have more events that have been added, so please get involved, online or offline!  There are also discussions on the talk page.

Looking forward to seeing some great things happen in March,


Sarah Stierch
Wikimedia Foundation Community Fellow
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