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Subject: [hifa] Are there gender differences in access and use of digital health tech?
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Hi all,

When planning for a digital health program, people often assume that women have less access to the internet or are less likely to use technology than men. The Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project [] wondered if this assumption is actually true and surveyed Global Health eLearning (GHeL) Center [] users to understand how gender plays a role in GHeL online engagement.

I recently wrote about my experience working on this activity and our findings in a new post on The Exchange, K4Health’s Medium Publication – Online Learning: Are There Really Differences Between Men and Women? [] The main takeaway for me is that there were more similarities than differences between men and women. For example, the top three reasons both men and women gave for taking courses were interest in topic, desire for technical knowledge, and interest in improving job prospects.

We’d love to hear your own experience looking at gender and digital health. Have you found that men and women are similarly engaged in your programs and activities? Or do some types of tools and services show a difference in access and use??

Please feel free to share with relevant contacts and colleagues.


Amy Lee
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Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs
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