I think most people here will remember the appalling harassment Anita Sarkeesian suffered in YouTube and on Wikipedia.

If not, see


So now we have another ANI thread on her biography


The discussion is whether a chap who made the following comment (among many others) should be topic-banned from her biography:


Now she has over 4 million views, which is a huge leap (relatively), despite not publishing any new videos since then - these 3 million new views, and a big fame (especially among gamers), and the notability (also on Wikipedia), and the money (from donations), all of it was only due to the massive trolling response to her trailer video for a Kickstarter project, which she then media-savy way used to start a huge moral panic (a smooth move, I'll admit) instead of just ignoring it, or do things like [http://www.destructoid.com/bioware-writer-s-vagina-versus-the-internet-222206.phtml counter-attack literally using her vagina, which is what Hepler did], and so this is what she is "best known for" (note: best).


That guy is the most frequent editor of her biography's talk page, having made over three times more edits to it than the next editor.


The ANI discussion has been running for a week.