First, note per my last message on stalkers, obviously the other editors on the issue in question were assumed to be or admittedly male.

I identify with below.  Some women are just more diplomatic than we may be; others have unconsciously gotten into the habit of always apologizing for opining - though theose often may be more likely to leave.

What's funny is on a current article I originally thought two aggressive editors, one of whom even attacked me bringing up an old block to try to keep me from editing, turned out to be women.  However, they are editing on an article where the top allows them to actualize the role of the female bear protecting her cubs.

Also, while it can be frustrating, I don't let my lack of tech saavy let me feel bad. Better to carp that the tech savvies should make it easier for the rest of us and get them to admit you are right! :-)

On 8/24/2011 8:09 PM, Sarah Stierch wrote:

The only power I have right now is a delete or ignore button. For me, I just keep on keepin on, because I expect people to be direspectful and sexist to me on Wikipedia. The only thing I can do is to them otherwise, speak my mind and say what I think, which I'm rather good at. I also rely strongly on, to be honest, fellow editors - primarily men - who speak up on my behalf. The few women I know who I consider "really good friends" on Wikipedia aren't involved in any aspect of the gender gap, and aren't as proactive or opinionated as me. Which, I guess gets me into more trouble than usual. Often these "situations" are  as common as the sexism I might experience in the real world, outside of work - but,'s sort of work for me, right now.

To be honest, I have a terribly low selfesteem when it comes to my work in Wikimedia - whether it's thinking I should apply for a job or fellowship, or it's applying for an admin position, or just speaking up in certain topics. I feel that I'm not tech savvy enough, and it's really intimidating since so much of the culture is based around that. It's also intimidating, in general. Just like any other geek world - whether it's playing online RPGs (yes, I've dabbled a bit) or having acquaintances who do society for creative anarchonism (aka play dress up like dungeons and dragons characters) - they assume because of my name I am one thing. The only thing I can do is prove them wrong, including the women sometimes too.

I often channel my anger into changing things. But, when I think about my own experiences, I have no idea what to to do about them.