Thank you for the work.
I am a member of Wikimujeres and I live in Catalonia where we carried out permanent editing workshops to teach how to edit and how to correct gender bias in the Catalan and Spanish Wikipedia.
Thank you also for reminding us of the beautiful tribute to Kevin's life and work.
Ester Bonet

Missatge de Leigh Honeywell <> del dia dl., 10 de maig 2021 a les 22:34:
Hey folks! it's been a while.

The Gendergap mailing list just got migrated to Mailman 3, which means I now have my admin access back (I'd lost access to the previous system and hadn't had a chance to restore it for... several years.)

The list had been set to new posters being moderated, which resulted in a number of messages being caught and I wasn't able to release them. Unfortunately those messages didn't survive the migration, but I've adjusted the moderation settings and going forward new messages should go through.

I've adjusted the list description to be a bit more concise: it is now "Addressing gender equity and exploring ways to increase gender diversity in Wikimedia projects."

This part is sad, but as a heads up and for transparency's sake:
I also went ahead and removed Kevin as an Owner/Moderator of the list as I don't know who now controls his former email accounts. For those who had missed his passing, there is a lovely tribute to his life and work on the Signpost:

Hope that everyone has been keeping well through this difficult time, and I look forward to seeing more activity on this list in the future with the new Mailman migration.

All the best,


Leigh Honeywell
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