woot woot. :D  There have been two news stories about women on the front page of Wikinews in the past two days.  (Both are sport stories about softball.)  It is nice to see front page coverage for them.

If you haven't written for Wikinews, I highly encourage you to do so.  The style guide can be found at http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Wikinews:Style_guide and if you follow the directions, it is pretty easy to get your article published, have it appear in Google News searchers and appear on the front page.   I wrote up my first editing experience at http://editors.wikinewsie.org/2012/03/writing-for-wikinews-for-the-first-time/laura-on-mainpage/ .  I found the process much easier, especially for original research, than English Wikipedia.  The expectations are very clear.  There is a review process to let you know issues.  The people helping have been fantastic and are pretty accessible for asking questions.  If you do an interview with some one or some other original reporting, you can use the source you create for Wikipedia as an article source.  (Though sadly, not for notability.)

It would be great to see a wider variety of women's topics covered on wikinews. :)

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