We also have a "controversial" template...


I love the idea of having articles of gender concern in a one stop shopping space. Going through the NPOV collection is long, painful and is filled with lots of advertising articles for tech companies. Blarghhhh


On Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 10:21 AM, <carolmooredc@verizon.net> wrote:
There are other more powerful groups that would use the precedent to create a template that would censor a number of articles that already are heavily patrolled and censored by organized groups of editors (many of them surely paid, not that they'd ever admit it). 

Instead use the POV template and make editors think by explaining the POV template on the talk page. And mention the problem on Wikiproject Feminism.

On 9/30/2011 11:30 AM, Andreas Kolbe wrote:
What do you think about creating a {{gendergap}} or {{GNPOV}} (gender-neutral point of view) template in en:WP? This could have a format similar to 

and could use an image like 

The text could say something like: 

"The gender neutrality of this article is disputed. Please see the discussion on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until the dispute is resolved."

Note that templates of this sort come with associated categories such as

These categories can help identify articles with active disputes.


Do we already have a template like that that I am unaware of?  


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