Obviously another statement to the press.

*”Among on things says: “The Committee’s preliminary findings have been represented in some media stories as targeting feminist editors and attempting to prevent their contributions to gender-related topics. This is inaccurate. The findings of the Arbitration Committee deal exclusively with the documented conduct of editors on the English Wikipedia. They do not consider editor opinion, identity, affiliation, or beliefs, nor do they take into consideration an editor’s actions or affiliations outside of their participation on English Wikipedia, unless those actions are directly related to facilitating disruption on the encyclopedia. The Arbitration Committee does not and cannot take a stance on the content of articles, nor on broader issues such as the Gamergate controversy itself.”

(Comment: ArbCom doesn’t in the least share the prejudices of the vocal tiny minority of editors who voted them in? - a large portion of whom are mysoginists opposed to civility?)

“ a reminder for administrators on appropriate actions pertaining to biographies of living persons.”

(Comment: Like that ever sticks for anyone “the community” doesn’t like or isn’t willing to stick their necks out about.)

*Discussion page about Committees statement. 
Again, sometimes hard to figure out what the posters' povs are.  I'll read it later and save comments til see if people are interested...