Apologies for the follow-up, I managed to miss sharing all of the important information!

Link to the Meta-Wiki with times and details: 

Note on translation: Unfortunately this call is only in English.
This is part of a pilot project. You can help us improve our conversation hours! We're accepting feedback via the MSG Forum [1], comments on our Meta talk page [2], or emails to Ziski (fputz@wikimedia.org). 
Hope to see you there,

[1] https://forum.movement-strategy.org/t/feedback-requested-for-pilot-public-policy-global-advocacy-monthly-conversation-hours/1197
[2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Public_policy/Conversation_hours_and_Events#Upcoming_Conversation_Hours

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Hi Ziski,


Can you send me the link to the meta page? I don't know, why I can't fint it.


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Hello my fellow feminist!

I'm Ziski from the Foundation's Global Advocacy team. I've had the pleasure of meeting some of the wonderful members of this user group and am a big fan of the work you're doing to diversify the knowledge represented across Wiki projects. I wanted to share that our team's monthly conversation hour will focus on privacy, which is also integral to a vibrant movement. You're warmly invited!

The call is on Sept. 24 & 29th and includes speakers like Kate Ruane (WMF) and Pepe Flores from WM Mexico. All details including how to add to the agenda can be found on on Meta. Please feel free to share with your network.

Even if you can't make this one, we hope to see you at future calls.

In solidarity,



know they care deeply about privacy as an integral human right to enable free expression and diverse representation of voices in the free knowledge movement. 

I wanted to share that our team's monthly conversation hour will focus on anti-surveillance efforts within the Free Knowledge Movement. Details are in the message below the line. You're warmly invited!

Please share with your network. I hope to see some of you there!
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