Hello KS,

For a review of the Wikichix lunch, see http://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiChix_Lunch_2011

Regarding your classes, you might want to talk to Diana Strassmann at Rice University. She uses Wikipedia in a course related to poverty and gender issues.

Ryan Kaldari

On 8/24/11 11:13 AM, Karen Sue Rolph wrote:
Dear Colleagues,

I'll begin teaching: Anthropology, Wikipedia, and Media at a college beginning soon. The textbook is "Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia."  I chose it because it covers the Wikipedia world in useful ways, was positively reviewed by Mssr. Wales and Ms. Gardner, and it refers back to classical works and ideas, that are useful for gaining a more integrated understanding of how things have come to be.  H.G. Wells comes to mind, as do essays mentioned in the text about problems of structurelessness, altruism, and open source, generally. 

Because we are taking an anthropological approach, we'll be aware of gender and diversity issues raised by demographic and other social phenomena, and we'll seek topics, not because they fill a gap, but because students can learn to contribute and feel confident to move forward on their own eventually.

I want to know about IRC also.  What became of WikiChix?  I see they met and had lunch this year...

I'm interested in corresponding with any other scholars who are teaching Wikipedia to teens and adults.  I am in touch with local Ambassadors.

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