On 1/25/2015 1:03 PM, Sarah Stierch wrote:

After reviewing the Arbcom case, I don't even know who got the idea that any of the contributing editors are feminist, per se. No one even mentions the word, except once, when describing a subject that was "slandered" in the gamer gate article(s).
I read the article and some discussion in the past. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamergate_controversy
And skimmed evidence and current proposal (all that convoluted info/opinion that makes Arbitrations so difficult).

Off hand this is what I think about media labeling it feminist:

*Obviously the quoted Mark Bernstein's labeling sanctioned editors as feminists helped frame it; looks like he might have brought this to the media.

*Reading the article in its current state it's clear that the whole "Gamergate" movement is a bunch of misogynists who ignore real big corporate ethics issues while picking on small mostly female efforts.  Anyone fighting against imposing the Gamergate view point obvious is defacto acting to advance the feminist cause, even if they don't consider themselves feminists. (Not that it was entirely clear to me who all the pro-feminist editors were, including the banned 5; that would take too much research.)

*I did note that two editors who were very supportive of ending disruptions at GGTF and the banning of pro-GGTF editors took opposite views on gamergate - and both got site banned.