Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce a new channel of discussion and collaborative work. Wikipedia Education Program Facebook group. Please join us in the group and add your facebook friends who are involved/interested in Wikipedia in Education.

Here's part of the education newsletter post announcing it:

Since the beginning of the program, volunteers around the world were in contact with each other and with the education team at the Wikimedia Foundation using several ways including the Wikimedia Education mailing list, regular meetings in which program leaders worked together such as Wikipedia Education Collaborative meetings, and social media website accounts for local and regional programs like Arab World Education ProgramCzech Republic Education program accounts on different social media websites, Armenian WikiCamps, Wiki Education Foundation and other similar examples, While the global education program stayed away from social media websites for a while.

There was a growing need for an easier method for program leaders, professors, students, staff and everyone to discuss their ideas, chat, brainstorm and work virtually on their new projects. Social media websites are believed to be quicker, easier way, and reachable from mobile and tablet devices than other talkpages and mailing lists. The new Facebook group will not replace the existing mailing list and other contact options. It will work alongside with them trying to reach out to everyone who is involved or interested in Wikipedia in Education.

Join us in the new Facebook group and meet the people who brought success to Wikipedia in Education around the world. Discuss, work together and seek help from elder users and the WMF education team. 

Meet you there!

Samir Elsharbaty,
Communications Intern, Wikipedia Education Program
Wikimedia Foundation