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George Mason University just posted a one year position for a remote Wikipedia Affiliate.  It's unpaid, but that's not the point: if selected, you'll have full access to GMU's library resources, including access (via proxy) to their electronic journals.  There's a huge amount of important content that currently only exists behind paywalled journals.  If you write frequently in a field where you find your ability to write restricted by your lack of access to sources, I would highly encourage you to apply for this.  It's worth noting that, besides for improving twenty five articles of historical significance and giving a brief talk about how you used your access at the end of the year, there is pretty much no further 'work' associated with the position.

After I lost my student access to journals, I lucked in to a not dissimilar arrangement with another major research university, and it's been absolutely invaluable - there are things I couldn't possibly write about without access to paywalled journals.
Kevin Gorman

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Hi everyone,

This is an exciting announcement for those interested in the Wikipedia Libraries Project. For those of you working in libraries (or anyone wanting to attend!) we are having a meeting at the American Libraries Association midwinter meeting in Philadelphia (Saturday January 25th). We have a number of academic libraries who are interested in supporting Wikipedians in this novel way. Hopefully a lot more to report in the new year!


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Position announcement: Wikipedia Affiliate, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media

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In conjunction with The Wikipedia Library
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:The_Wikipedia_Library> project,
the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
<http://chnm.gmu.edu/> (RRCHNM) at George Mason University is seeking
applicants for a "Wikipedia Affiliate."€  This is an unpaid, year-long,
remote research position beginning March 1, 2014 and ending February 28,
2015 that entitles the affiliate to full library privileges at George
Mason University <http://library.gmu.edu/>, including proxied access to
all online materials to which the GMU Libraries subscribe: more than 400
databases, thousands of scholarly journals and mainstream periodicals,
and hundreds of ebooks. The position is designed to give research
library access to a Wikipedia editor who does not currently have such
access or who has only limited access to scholarly resources: the
purpose of the position is to help improve Wikipedia's reliability and
accuracy by providing Wikipedia editors with access to the best
scholarly information resources while providing a model for other
universities to do likewise.


The affiliate will be an experienced Wikipedia editor with at least one
year of regular activity contributing to Wikipedia on historical topics
in any field, region, or period. The affiliate will also be a thorough
researcher who is committed to improving Wikipedia articles by
consulting and citing reliable, scholarly sources and who is a lucid
writer of text for Wikipedia encyclopedia articles on historical topics.
An undergraduate or graduate degree in History, Art History, or a
related discipline is desirable but not required.

      Position Description and Duties

During the affiliate year, the affiliate will conduct scholarly research
using the library resources of George Mason University with the aim of
significantly improving the accuracy and reliability of at least 25
Wikipedia articles on historical topics, preferably articles within a
particular historical scope (for example: modern Russian and Soviet
history, U.S. Civil War history, the history of late imperial China).
Near the end of the affiliate year, the affiliate will write a brief
report listing the Wikipedia articles he or she has contributed to and
improved over the course of the year, describing how his or her access
to GMU library resources has helped increase the reliability of
Wikipedia on this topic and analyzing whether the affiliate program
could serve as a model for other universities. The affiliate will also
be asked to give a brief talk on the same subject to RRCHNM, either in
person or via a remote technology such as Skype.

      Application Instructions

To apply, please send the following documents to Dr. Amanda French at
afrench5@gmu.edu <mailto:afrench5@gmu.edu> by January 20, 2014:

1. A standard résumé or curriculum vitae that also includes

  * a link to your Wikipedia profile and
  * at least three links to Wikipedia articles on historical topics that
    you have contributed to.

2. A cover letter that includes

  * a description of your background, including why you contribute to
    Wikipedia and what level of historical expertise and interest you
    have in which fields, regions, or periods;
  * a summary of what access you currently have (or don't have) to
    research materials such as databases and scholarly journals;
  * an explanation of why you want to become a Wikipedia Affiliate to
    RRCHNM; and
  * a brief outline of the historical topic(s) and/or specific Wikipedia
    articles you would focus on during your affiliate year.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of the search by the end
of February 2014. The affiliate year will begin March 1, 2014.

      About the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media

Since 1994 under the founding direction of Roy Rosenzweig, the Center
for History and New Media (RRCHNM) at George Mason University has used
digital media and computer technology to democratize history, €”to
incorporate multiple voices, reach diverse audiences, and encourage
popular participation in presenting and preserving the past. The center
itself is a democratic, collaborative space where over fifty scholars,
technologists, and researchers work together to advance the state of the

RRCHNM uses digital media and technology to preserve and present history
online, transform scholarship across the humanities, and advance
historical education and understanding. Each year RRCHNM’s many
project websites receive over 20 million visitors, and over a million
people rely on its digital tools to teach, learn, and conduct research.

George Mason University is a public research university located
approximately 14 miles from Washington, D.C., with over 30,000 students.
Global education and research are a fundamental part of the
university’s mission to serve its diverse and international student
body. RRCHNM is part of the Department of History and Art History.

      About The Wikipedia Library

The Wikipedia Library connects Wikipedia editors with libraries, open
access resources, paywalled databases, and research experts. We are
working together towards 5 big goals that create an open hub for
conducting research:

  * Connect editors with their local library and freely accessible
  * Partner to provide free access to paywalled publications,
    databases, universities, and libraries
  * Build relationships among our community of editors, libraries, and
  * Facilitate research for Wikipedians, helping editors to find and
    use sources
  * Promote broader open access in publishing and research

The Wikipedia Affiliate to RRCHNM position is based on the Wikipedia
Visiting Scholar idea suggested by Peter Suber at the Harvard Open
Access Project <http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/research/hoap>.


Amanda L. French, Ph.D.

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